Our Story

Benita Marr, Tentsations


Principal & Founder, Benita Marr

Being Vancouver's only Moroccan Tent and Party rental service, Benita Marr began with a passion to bring the mystery, beauty and magic found within the walls of the Moroccan tent back home to Vancouver.

Benita is a talented and passionate event decor professional and coordinator, who has spent years planning and creating some of the most beautiful displays across the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Whether the events were in Whistler, Banff, Victoria, Vancouver and beyond, Benita's confidence and artistic eye always brought something unique and surprising to all events.

However, she felt as though something were missing...

Embarking on a new adventure in the enchantment that is Morocco, she found the inspiration that she had been yearning for. The Moroccan tent and its traditional accessories are extremely rich in decadence and culture, and Benita knew immediately that she had to bring these home to Vancouver.  

She has captured her dream of mystery and magic of life under canvas, and has brought another world home for you to experience.

"In response to those who say to stop dreaming and face reality, I say... keep dreaming and make reality"


~Kristian Kan~

Negar Mirfakhraei, Tentsations

Growing up in an eastern country with a culture filled with beauty and elegance, Negar Mirfakhraei has always had an innate desire towards applied arts. Back home, she seized every opportunity to pursue her passion of creating beautiful spaces and has done many projects allowing her to gain experience in all aspects of interior design and event planning.

Beauty has never been overwhelming for Negar and her eyes never get used to it.


Moving to Canada, a country with a whole new environment, culture and tradition, opened up many opportunities for Negar to fulfill her desire of creating beauty in her surroundings to a higher level.

The outcome of Negar's perseverance and drive, and years of experience is all compressed and made her join Tentsations.

~Faraz Tabrizian~