The Moroccan tent has long been the symbol of authority, spirituality and beauty. Tentsations Moroccan tents are individually hand woven by local artisans whose designs reflect the history and unique traditions of the Arabian people. The various styles, fabrics and designs have been developed over many years.  


Our tents are made from breathable, waterproof, cotton canvas and are pale cream in color with a black motif, which represents freedom and happiness. The Moroccan tent makes for a beautiful change from traditional white, with the interior design bringing in the national colors representing power, sacredness and wealth. The authentic character allows our Moroccan tents to become the home for extraordinary feasts and gatherings at which all are welcome, making your special event one to be remembered.

Moroccan Tent Rental 


Traditionally the Moroccan Tent was offered as guest accommodation to travelling nobles. For most of us they conjure romantic images of a long distant past. Today, Tentsations Moroccan Tents represent luxury; a uniqueness... and have become the ultimate focal point for stylish events.


Our Tent Rentals are perfect for:


  • Weddings

  • Corporate Events

  • Festivals

  • Garden Parties

  • Private Backyard Parties

  • Concerts

  • Exhibitions

  • VIP Lounges

Tentsations Tents represent luxury; a uniqueness....

and have become the ultimate focal point for stylish events.

Much More Than Just A Tent; Tentsations Moroccan Tents Create A Lifestyle...